March 17, 2011

40 weeks--Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Well we had what we thought was our last doctor's appointment on Tuesday. I am 1 centimeter dilated (scale 1-10, 10 being ready to push and deliver) and could go into labor tomorrow or a week from now. If I last beyond next week, they are going to induce my labor--which means using medication to bring on contractions. Of course I am hoping to go into labor on my own, but waiting longer than 1-2 weeks past my due date puts the baby and me at greater risk for a host of problems! Needless to say we are anxious about her arrival, but I am enjoying this time off of work relaxing and resting before she makes her debut. The baby is healthy and one of the nurses even used the term bungee jumping and very active. Sounds like she is having too good of a time in there!

My sister is in town which has a been a lot of fun. I am not so mobile these days so we have been soaking in some sun at our pool--which I never take advantage of and doing a little shopping, walking, and watching reality TV--exciting stuff! Thank you everyone for sending well wishes and hope to have some news soon!
Maybe not a St. Pat's baby, but she will cheer on the Irish in this!

March 13, 2011

Mike & Kris... from Mike's perspective

Hello all,

First of all, what a fine looking group of people you are.  It is so kind of you to continue reading about our daily life occurrences as we prepare to bring another being into the world. So for your time, we honestly do thank you...  Now to the good stuff. 

Since the last reflection, Kris and I have been to the Doctor, experienced several sleepless nights and funny moments, and we have found a sliver of time to enjoy each other's company in relaxation.

First the Doctor:  The news?  Kris currently is carrying around a 7 lb 4 oz baby girl inside of her.  The eye-opening comment from the doctor?  "Kristina, IF you are still pregnant next week, make an appointment to come in for a checkup."  Aaaaaaaaaand if Kristina's continuously rounding belly didn't make things real enough, Doc's statement sure did the trick.  So a 15min checkup, a quick ultrasound, Kristina is healthy, wham bam thank you ma'am and then it was off to enjoy a bagel sandwich craving!! 

And so they walked down the street; a young, married, pregnant couple strolling with the weight of the world on their minds, amongst undergraduate UCLA students whose lives currently hinge on the next term paper and fraternity function.  To think that was us 4 years ago*.  

*Footnote:  I was not in a fraternity and never attended their parties.  Kristina (from what I'm told) did not attend their parties either. 

I digress.  After an overpriced bagel sandwich and a burning conversation about what the next 12 months has in store for us, it was back to Pasadena:  I needed to sleep before work and she needed to finish up closing out her work responsibilities.  It was if the doctor's appointment was a flicker of excitement, only to digress back to the monotony of our exhaustive daily lives. 

FUNNY BUT EMBARRASSING FLASHBACK MOMENT FOR KRISTINA:  In August, Kris and I made a day trip down to San Diego to catch the Colorado Rockies (waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyy better than the Cubs) play the Padres during a day game.  It turned out to be a great day!!  The sun was out, a cool 80 degrees, we had front row seats in left field, Kris put down two hot dogs... haha, just kidding.  She ate two hot dogs, nachos, and some sunflower seeds.  Apparently we were in the craving or "I will eat anything in sight" stage of the pregnancy.  Well, long story short, we returned to Santa Monica and decided to cook dinner.  She wanted to make Short Ribs, I wanted to giver her a high five.  Well, after a solid 30min in the grocery store picking out required ingredients, we made our way to the checkout line and that's when I noticed something was amiss.  My Kristina had a look on her face that indicated the floodgates were about to burst open... and then they did. 
 "Mike, <sniff, sniff>, it's 8:00pm and it takes 3 hours to cook these short ribs <sniff, sniff>. 
<Tears starting to roll down her face>, what should we do????  <all out balling>." 
Me:  "It's ok sweetheart, don't worry about it we can make it another night.  How does pizza sound? <Thinking about all the healthy items we ate earlier that day, but suggesting nonetheless in hopes of curtailing the scene we have now created>" 
"Ooook, that sounds good" she responds with a satisfied and happy look on her face, like she was a girl who had dropped her last lollipop on the ground, only to be saved by mom's genius storage of a second lollipop in her purse... Mother the savior!!

So I come back with three pizzas, all of which delicious.  I think to myself, "I will be a hero for being recklessly over-indulgent in my pizza selections... she will love me forever!"
REALITY:  Cue the waterworks.  "They don't have California Pizza Kitchen pizza???"  And the floodgates have opened again.  How could I have been so stupid??  OF COURSE she wanted California Pizza Kitchen Pizza!  And I'll be damned if she doesn't get any!!! 

That night, we ate CPK, watched a show, and fell asleep happy.  It was that day that I began to understand what it meant to be a supportive, understanding, loving, and patient partner.  To this day she brushes off that story as well as a few others as embarrassing and personal, but I will always remember that day because I discovered in myself a desire to do whatever it was to make her happy and content.  It was a great day. 

Now it's 7 months later and we are at the end of our 9 month journey, readying ourselves to embark on a whole new journey that will last much longer.  We appreciate all of your support and love and we look forward to sharing with you much more in the days to come!! 

Today we had a nice brunch today in Malibu, CA. Kris and I relaxed in each other's company and are enjoying every second of it until the little one makes her way into our world for the rest of our lives.  Have a great week!

St. Patrick's Day 2010

March 6, 2011

Sunday Funday

Oh how Sunday has changed for Michael and me! It was gorgeous weather in Pasadena today and we spent the day running baby errands. We (Mike) installed the car seat with the help of a friendly firefighter. Yes, just to be safe we enlisted some help from the local fire department--highly recommend for peace of mind. We also bought a flip Sony video camera at Target to take videos of baby G! Below is a little video of Mike and I out grabbing lunch at the Paseo, an outdoor shopping center in Pasadena. I haven't had too many cravings during this pregnancy but for some reason I really wanted an egg salad sandwich. The sandwich place we went to mixed it with yogurt instead of mayo, which was delicious and I will definitely try at home.

I am feeling anxious and overall uncomfortable. So far I have gained a total of 30 pounds! The baby is at an estimated weight of almost 7 pounds. I really do feel like I am bursting at the seams/skin. I know it doesn't look like it in the video but even walking has been hard lately. I have felt some mild braxton hicks contractions where your stomach goes rock hard and releases. It's the weirdest feeling and I joke this might be the hardest my stomach will ever get. I thought I could avoid the dreaded swollen feet, but as someone reminded this week I now have "cankles" (thanks Mike). My favorite things about pregnancy have been the fact that people have been so kind coming up to me and asking what the sex is or how I am feeling (mostly women of course). Pasadena is definitely different from other areas of LA in the fact that it is so family friendly. It is nice to see other preggo women walking around. I am really enjoying my prenatal yoga classes. They have been a great way of not only relieving tension in my body, but meeting other women and hearing about their aches and pains. Most of all I have enjoyed feeling the movements of Baby G and can't wait to meet this little one and see what she looks like.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and will hopefully have some more news to post after this week's doc visit!

March 4, 2011

Two week countdown has begun--38.5 weeks

Hello Everyone!

I am posting a blog just to keep everyone up-to-date on new and exciting things going on here at our Casa. I am starting maternity leave soon and I think this is a great way to have some "me" time during the day to write and use my mind while not working. Although I am sure being a new mother will make my current job seem like nothing and will be more than mind stimulating! This last week has been spent organizing, delegating, and completing current tasks with my job--fun fun. We are seeing the doctor every week now for fetal monitoring and basic check-ups--everything with baby is looking good! I watched Father of the Bride II last night and was rolling my eyes the whole movie. I remember when I loved that movie and thought labor was going to be that fun and easy. Now we are inundated with shows like  "A Baby Story" and "One Born Every Minute," which show "real life" labor. I admit I do watch them and they torture me every day but I can't.stop.watching. I will leave you some pictures of the nursery, which is still in progress. I really hope our baby girl inherits her father's decisiveness....

Notice the blank spot next to the pig...well I picked out some letters at restoration hardware for the baby's name, but can't come to a decision. We have about three names picked out. At this rate, I should've just bought the whole alphabet x2 : )