February 14, 2012

Bacon, Sweets, and Sand on Love Day

Mike and I celebrated on Sunday with a nice dinner out! He originally told me we were going downtown but then surprised me with going to this place I have been wanting to try in our neighborhood. We had a really great table and he had ordered flowers. I loved it and am a sucker for that stuff. The dinner was also so yummy! I had some amazing sea bass and corn soup. The dessert—unreal!

pre vdayvday dessert

I have to say we didn’t really do anything differently on this day, except I made these awesome bacon hearts I found from The Paper Mama! Mike was impressed because I don’t normally cook with bacon. I hate cleaning up the grease. I also cooked some egg sandwiches along with them for breakfast.

heart bacon

Then this little girl woke and I dressed her in a cute shirt auntie bought her…



After Mia’s morning nap we went to our neighborhood park and played.



There were a lot of kids there which seemed a little weird since school is still in session. A little girl came up to us and started playing with Mia. She told us all the kids are home schooled and they get together one day a week to play at the park for a few hours. I thought to myself those moms deserve a lot of credit for homeschooling their children, that is something I don’t think I could ever do. I think I would be doing Mia a big disservice! The public schools in our area are pretty awful from what I hear, so a lot of people go private. I can see why homeschooling would be attractive seeing the circumstances.


Yes she got into the sand/gravel/dirt…whatever that was in the park. I don’t want to be that parent saying no every 5 seconds (unless it’s something that could harm them of course!!) I want her to be a kid and play. I stopped her from eating it though! And we took a nice bath later.

Hope everyone had a great day of love!


  1. Aww looks like you had a great day! I have a friend that homeschools (she has 4 kids!) and I look up to her so much. I could NEVER do it, but props to her!

  2. how stinking cute are you and your bacon hearts? this is definitely something i need to try out on the husband! although, i'm not quite sure I've EVER cooked bacon before! Ha! Love your blog! ;) New follower- excited to read more!

  3. love the bacon hearts! And Mia is changing and growing with each post! Darling...


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