February 23, 2012

Our Wedding Cake

I am linking up with The Magnolia Pair and sharing our wedding cake because I love any excuse to look at our wedding photos. Our wedding was very traditional. Catholic. Cathedral. Hotel reception, it was lovely. I wouldn’t have it any other way. For our cake I wanted it traditional but modern. Just like our home decorating taste. I worked with a local bakery in Chicago to design it. My dear mother tasted cakes for me since I couldn’t fly in to Chicago from LA that weekend. She knows what I like! All I told her was it had to be yummy, pink, and square tiered.

Here are some pictures of our vanilla cake with a custard and strawberry crème filling. Topped with buttercream frosting looking like fondant. It was divine from what I remember. As all you married ladies know the moments go by oh so fast. Good thing we have awesome photographers to capture every single moment!





Oh yes, we went there. He started it! I was against the cake smash at first, but hey you only get to smother your loved one in sugar and butter once, right? Hmm...


All photos via Elizabeth Greve photography.


  1. lovely. you were a gorgeous bride :)

  2. Wow, your photos really turned out beautiful. Each one, whether a portrait or your wedding cake, is stunning!

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    Hope to see you there! Thanks!



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