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How to Bake and Create a Minnie Mouse Cake for a Birthday



I recently made this cake for a friend’s daughter’s 2nd Birthday. Her daughter loves Minnie Mouse so when she told me the theme, I was really excited to create a very girly cake!

This cake was a labor of love and took me about three days. If I have one tip it’s to start early as possible. I had never baked a theme cake before. I used Pinterest for inspiration and put my own spin on elements.

I am just an average home baker. I taught myself how to build this cake by watching lots of YouTube videos (listed below). There is so much information on the internet you really don’t need to pay for classes. Although I would love to take some if I find/make the time.

Supplies and Source List

  • Best Black Fondant
  • Best Tasting White Fondant
  • Pink flat sprinkles
  • Wilton tip for the “pearls” around the cake
  • pastry bag (here)
  • 2 9 inch round cakes cooled
  • 2 6 inch round cakes cooled
  • Parchment paper
  • Small fondant rolling pin (here)
  • toothpicks
  • large circle cookie cutter (for large minnie ears)
  • small circle cookie cutters (for the polka dots and small minnie heads)
  • 4 cake dowels or Boba tea straws
  • Rotating Cake stand—this is a must! (here)
  • cake boards (I used cardboard cut to size)
  • Large offset spatula (here)
  • Fondant smoother (here)
  • Viva paper towels
  • Large cake stand for display

Sweetapolita Vanilla Cake Recipe

Gale Gand Best Buttercream Icing

Video showing how to ice and smooth cakes: This is where the Viva paper towel comes into play!
Video on how to stack the cakes (this woman helped me A LOT) I also used Boba tea straws instead of the wooden dowels she uses.


Mini Minnie Mouse heads:

I didn’t take many pictures along the way, but started with creating these mini Minnie mouse heads two days before. I rolled some black fondant and cut them out using small circle cookie cutters. I fused them together with my fingers. For the small bow I used white fondant and with a toothpick cut two small triangles and rolled a tiny ball. I used my toothpick to cut little dents into the bow, making a wrinkled effect. I stuck them on with a little bit of butter cream or royal icing.

Large Minnie Bow and Minnie Ears:

I used large circle cookie cutters to cut the rolled black fondant for the Minnie ears topper. I rolled it pretty thick. I inserted toothpicks into the Minnie ears and attached them to the cake. I let the bow and large Minnie Mouse ears dry overnight to harden—two nights would be best. For the bow, I used the video below as a guide and stuck pink dot sprinkles onto the bow using royal icing (or buttercream) as a glue. The bow stood on top of the cake on its own (I made sure to dry it upright).

How to make the Minnie Mouse large bow

Charging for this cake: Full Disclosure.

This was the first time someone paid me to create a cake for them. I am just starting out and I thought $2 per slice was fair. There was a 30 people estimate, so I was paid a total of $60. Did I make a profit on this cake? Probably not, but the amount I learned just by doing was invaluable. This cake bought from a well known bakery would have cost close to $200. I hope to continue to grow in my little cake venture (and cost per slice :))

Hope you enjoyed this hodgepodge of a tutorial. Maybe I will venture out into creating my own video next time…maybe!


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